How To Hide Photos On iPhone 7 : Tips and Tricks

How To Hide Photos On iPhone - Do you own an iPhone? Well, I guess that's not the point here. The point here is that you are here to look for the pictures that you want to hide into your device and with this, you can secure your privacy. With the increased consumption and usage of Xposed Installer apk data out there we would be able to get ourselves with many tweaks and that would surely help us to get some of the greater stuff for ourselves.

The photos that one has in his/her iPhone one can be not so safe and secure in our hands as if anyone has access to the passcode of one's device then his photos are at a great risk. The photos of one's are sure a sensitive thing and everyone wants to secure them out so that they can get themselves a sense of relief. With the increased usage of the iPhone's camera, we have got ourselves to many different conditions and there is always a risk related to the picture of ours. Some pictures are sensitive and need hiding and some are just outright personal. For pictures like those, we are here today to help you guys out with the increased amount of tweaks in it. One can surely rely on the fact that this app secretly helps you to hide your most sensitive pictures in extreme security. The tutu helper that we have brought out for you guys is going to help you out and is going to help make sure that you get the best security for your personal picture and get the best of security.

Well, That was enough introduction to the app of the day. You can also hide game progress with the mini militia mod Now let's move on to the features that would be given to us or served to us by this app.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone 7

The features of this one are quite clear and they are as follows -

  • The app allows you to hide your photos in a discrete manner.
  • The app also allows you to encrypt the photos that you've got on your devices.
  • You can hide stuff other than pictures as well like videos and much other stuff.
  • you can also download tubemate ios app.

Well, These were some of the basic features that were being offered to us by this app. Now let's move on to the ways or the steps to get this app.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone 7 Using Tutu Helper

Steps To Download- In order to download the amazing app, you'd have to follow these given below steps and they are as follows -

  • Firstly you'd have to get yourself with the tutu helper pokemon go
  • Now install and download this app on your device and after that, you can accept the profile and then get going with the usage of this app without many problems as such.
  • You may have to accept the profile of this app in order to use this app. 

We Hope that this article helped you to hide photos on iPhone 7 Without any Jailbreak or Rooting.